Designers and Manufacturers of Chem-Free™ Ozone Systems for Marine, Domestic and Industrial Applications

Chem-Free Water Treatment Systems has been designing and building leading edge water treatment systems since its founding in 1993. We have ozone based water treatment systems for homes treating both cistern rainwater and well water. In addition to potable water treatment system on board many luxury yachts, both power and sail, there are fully automated and leading-edge technology Chem-Free water treatment systems ensuring the continued purity of potable water stored in large holding tanks on board America’s UNOLS research vessel fleet. R/V Knorr, R/V Oceanus and R/V Atlantis of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Woods Hole, MA; R/V Roger Revelle and R/V Melville of Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego, CA, and R/V Endeavor operated by the University of Rhode Island Graduate School Of Oceanography all have Chem-Free WQA systems on board. Our new Sea Chest Guardian system is keeping the sea chest free of bio-fouling by marine life on board R/V Alpha Helix operated by the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Seward Marine Center in Seward, Alaska. All of the aforementioned systems use ozone as the primary disinfectant or oxidizer.Water treatment in its many forms; potable water treatment, fresh water treatment, cistern water treatment, point of entry water treatment or POE, point of use water treatment or POU, waste water treatment, rain water treatment, municipal water treatment, to name but a few, are all adaptable for the use of ozone at some point in the process be it primary, secondary, or tertiary.

Ozone can be adapted for any number of water treatment applications in the maritime trades such as preventing marine life bio fouling of sea chests, treatment of ballast water to prevent the spread of non-indigenous or invasive species, treatment of potable water in the vessel’s holding tanks, and even ozonation to control odors emanating from black water and gray water holding tanks on board yachts and ships.

A recent study by the Helmut Kaiser Consultancy in Germany reported that;

“The costs and prices of water in the future will largely depend on the disinfection necessity and the applied technologies.

    “- – water quality is declining. Different water sectors face problems to keep the early water quality through conventional treatment/disinfection approaches. Meanwhile the water quality regulations are becoming more stringent, complex and costly. Last but not least, the concerns about the biotech pollution or terrorism challenge the capability of water disinfection as well. This includes physical and chemical processes such as the usage of – – ozonization, filtration and membrane processes with pathogen removal, and also thermal processes such as distillation, evaporation/condensation, and steam stripping, to name a few. – -” In business since 1993 with thousands of
Chem-Free™ systems and devices in use
    According to a statement by the World Health Organization, WHO, “waterborne diseases are collectively more lethal than AIDS,” and the group urged a “greater international effort to improve the water, hygiene and sanitation conditions of the world’s poor.” The report further stated; “Already, an estimated 1.1 billion people have no access to safe drinking water, 2.5 billion lack proper sanitation and more than 5 million people die from waterborne diseases each year — 10 times the number of casualties killed in wars around the globe.” In an effort to help combat the ever-growing problem, Chem-Free Water Treatment Systems has developed village-level fresh water treatment systems that can provide even small villages with safe, pure water from a central treatment point from which the villagers may draw their daily water rather than from a polluted stream, river or lake.

Testing for Alzheimers genes forces difficult decisions This past year.

New customers can pick whether they wish just the ancestry reviews or are prepared to pay even more for ancestry and health-risk reviews. Clients who bought the assistance in prior years is now able to decide to find reviews that weren’t area of the bundle when they authorized up. Actually clients who choose the health reports could be blindsided simply by unexpected information, experts said. They may, for example, worry about their genealogy of the attention disease macular degeneration-there’s a written report on that too-only to learn they’re at risky for something much more serious that wasn’t on the radar. Continue reading

New guideline: Try exercise to improve memory.

A lot more than 37 % of individuals 85 and old have it. With such prevalence, getting lifestyle factors that could slow down the pace of cognitive impairment could make a siginificant difference to individuals and society, Dr. Petersen records. ‘We need not take a look at aging being a passive procedure; we can do something positive about the span of our aging,’ he says. ‘Therefore if I’m destined to be cognitively impaired at age group 72, I could workout and drive that family member back again to 75 or 78. Continue reading

DLBCL impacts approximately thirty % of individuals with NHL.

Vague Teacher in Immunotherapy in the section of Pathology and Lab Medication in the Perelman College of Medication and movie director of the guts for Cellular Immunotherapies in the Abramson Tumor Center. Kymriah will be available through a network of certified centers throughout the USA, including the Medical center of the School of Pennsylvania. Tests reveal the military of hunter cells can develop to a lot more than 10,000 fresh cells for every single manufactured cell patients get – producing long lasting remission prices in refractory lymphoma – and will survive in the torso for years. Continue reading

Which is saturated in fat and glucose ?fosamax vs evista.

Chronic liver inflammation linked to Western diet A new research in The American Journal of Pathology reviews that mice fed a Western diet plan, which is saturated in fat and glucose, led to hepatic inflammation, in males especially ?fosamax vs evista . Moreover, liver swelling was most pronounced in Traditional western diet-fed male mice that also lacked farnesoid x receptor , a bile acidity receptor. The analysis is important since it links diet plan to changes in the gut microbiota aswell as bile acid profile, opening the chance that probiotics and bile acid receptor agonists could be helpful for the prevention and treatment of hepatic inflammation and progression into advanced liver organ diseases such as for example cancer. ‘We realize the changeover from steatosis, or fatty liver organ, to steatohepatitis plays an essential role in liver organ damage and carcinogenesis. Continue reading

Frederic Adnet.

Vicaut reported having no monetary conflicts concerning their study, that was funded from the French Ministry of Wellness.. Bag-mask ventilation for CPR deflates in large RCT BARCELONA – Bag-mask venting for airway administration during resuscitation of sufferers with out-of-hospital cardiac arrest was considerably less safe and sound and yet forget about effective than endotracheal intubation in a big randomized trial, Frederic Adnet, MD, reported on the annual congress from the Western Culture of Cardiology. Continue reading

Jury orders Bayer.

As the paper expresses, ‘However the math games triggered persistent benefits in children’s nonsymbolic mathematical capabilities, they didn’t enhance children’s readiness for learning the brand new symbolic content provided in primary college.’ Not accumulated The researchers have already been analyzing why the intervention didn’t produce improvements in college results. One probability, Duflo observes, is certainly that kids in Delhi principal schools learn mathematics inside a rote design that might not possess allowed the experiment’s group of games with an effect. Kids in these educational colleges, she observes, ‘are [just] understanding how to sing ‘1 instances 1 is usually 1, 1 moments 2 is certainly 2.” Because of this, Duflo notes, the higher knowledge of the ideas supplied by the preschool mathematics games may be even more helpful when aligned using a different sort of curriculum. Continue reading

FDA: Gadolinium retention prompts new GBCA class warning.

But there is absolutely no question that the high cost and your time and effort required to teach and motivate doctors and staff had been worth it. The provided info the EHR supplied, coupled with our data analytics and built-in health care delivery system, offers helped us save countless lives. As hard and costly as it might end up being to integrate this sort of program across a community, doing so may be the easiest way to maximize the grade of look after all patients. Continue reading

Such a situation.

‘Without knowing even more about what awareness can be, and what blocks it takes, it could be hard to learn what signals to consider’ in tests, the letter expresses. One solution, it proposed, could possibly be for researchers to make use of anaesthesia to maintain animals with mind tissue within a comatose state. ‘Perhaps certain mind functions or perhaps a pre-specified degree of mind activity, signalling too little capacity, could possibly be utilized to delineate ethically justifiable analysis.’ Such challenging questions shouldn’t halt essential research, the united team underlined. Continue reading

A medication widely used to take care of opioid habit.

Recent federal government efforts have attempted to boost the option of medication-assisted treatment, therefore providing ongoing professional support and education to these companies will make a difference.. Prescription Opioids During Treatment for Opioid Addiction A lot more than two in five people receiving buprenorphine, a medication widely used to take care of opioid habit, may also be specific prescriptions for various other opioid painkillers – and two-thirds are prescribed opioids after their treatment is complete, according a fresh study. The findings, published in the journal Addiction, demonstrate the necessity for greater resources specialized in medication-assisted treatment, a common clinical tool to handle the epidemic. Continue reading

Beyond BRCA: Examining Links between Breast Cancer viagra levitra cialis acheter.

Beyond BRCA: Examining Links between Breast Cancer, Second Primary Cancer and Inherited Genetic Mutations PHILADELPHIA – Prices of inherited mutations in genes apart from BRCA1/2 are doubly high in breasts cancer patients who’ve had another primary malignancy – including, in some full cases, various kinds of breasts cancer – in comparison to patients who’ve only had an individual breasts cancer. The analysis in the Basser Middle for BRCA in the Abramson Tumor Center from the College or university of Pa also investigated the usage of polygenic risk ratings – that have recently been put into some commercial medical multiplex genetic tests sections viagra levitra cialis acheter . Continue reading