Listed by Builder


M/Y  “LIMITLESS” 315′ Lurssen
M/V  “CORAL ISLAND” 254′ Lurssen
R/V  “KNORR” 279′ Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst.
R/V  “ATLANTIS III” 274′ Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst.
R/V  “OCEANUS” 177′ Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst.
M/Y  “GOLDEN ODYSSEY” 244′ Blohm & Voss
M/Y  “GOLDEN SHADOW” 206′ Escort for M/Y “Golden Odyssey”
M/Y  “ECO” 235′ Blohm & Voss
M/Y  “ITASCA” 200′ J&K; Smit, (Yacht Conversion of Tug)
M/Y  “MOONRAKER” 116′ Norship
M/Y  “CAKEWALK” 206′ VanLent Feadship
M/Y  “RASSELAS” 170′ DeVries Feadship
M/Y  “AURORA” 160′ DeVries Feadship
M/Y  “MI ALICIA” 156′ VanLent Feadship
M/Y  “LADY SANDALS” 132′ VanLent Feadship
M/Y  “DELIVERANCE” 100′ VanLent Feadship
M/Y  “EXCELLENCE” 130′ VanLent Feadship
M/Y  “ATTESSA” 160′ VanLent Feadship
M/Y  “KATRIONä 160′ VanLent Feadship
M/Y  “CRISTAL” 160′ VanLent Feadship
M/Y  “GALLANT LADY” 161′ Delta Marine Industries
M/Y  “SALLY ANN” 151′ Delta Marine Industries
M/Y  “PRINCESS MARY” 72′ Delta Marine Industries
M/Y  “ROXANNA” 72′ Adirmal Marine Works
M/Y  “RENEGADE” 154′ Australian Loyds
M/Y  “AURORA” 160′ Feadship
M/Y  “MILLENIA” 155′ Christensen
M/Y  “NAMOH” 142′ Christensen
M/Y  “SILVER LINING” 155′ Christensen
M/Y  “ANDALE” 150′ Christensen
S/V  ãFANTOME” 278′ “Windjammer” Sailing Cruise Ship
M/V  “AMAZING GRACE” 242′ “Windjammer” Cruise/Supply Vessel
S/V  “POLYNESIA” 240′ “Windjammer” Sailing Cruise Ship
M/Y  “CORONA DEL MAR” 120′ Palmer Johnson, Shead design for
King Juan Carlos of Spain
M/Y  “AMORAZUR” 155′ Palmer Johnson
M/Y  “TURMOIL” 150′ Palmer Johnson
M/Y  “LADY JENN” 137′ Palmer Johnson
S/Y  “MANDALAY” 125′ PalmerJohnson
S/Y  “ASTRAL” 114′ PalmerJohnson
M/Y  “LADY PITA” 155′ Stirling
M/Y  “M. MORNINGSTAR” 142′ Stirling
M/Y  “ADLER” 120′ Baglietto
M/Y  “HALLELUJAH” 110′ Benetti
M/Y  “ARGENTUM” 130′ Benetti
M/Y  “LADY LOLA” 147′ Benetti
M/Y  “AMBROSIANA” 147′ Benetti
M/Y  “MERCEDES” 123′ Oceanfast
M/Y  “OPAL C” 132 Oceanfast
M/Y  “R QUEST” 98′ Oceanfast
M/Y  “ALWAYS” 118′ Oceanfast
M/Y  “DOUBLE G” 108′ Broward
M/Y  “LIFE’S FINEST” 112′ Broward
M/Y  “AUDACITY” 105′ Broward
M/Y  “CONTRARIANä 105′ Broward
M/Y  “THEMISä 112′ Broward
M/Y  “FANTASYä 105′ Broward
M/Y  “SEA BIRDä 105′ Broward
M/Y  “BAY BREEZEä 105′ Broward
M/Y  “ARRIVAä 80′ Broward
M/Y  “ABBRACCIä 105′ Broward
M/Y  “MURPHY’S LAWä 124′ Broward
M/Y  “LAMBDA MAR” 142′ Marinteknik
M/Y  “CAMILLE” 120′ Hatteras
M/Y  “SHERIFF” 92′ Hatteras
S/F  “FRANTASTIC” 82′ Hatteras, Sportfish
S/F  “OUTRAGEOUS 82” 82′ Hatteras, Sportfish
S/F  “OUTRAGEOUS 62” 62′ Hatteras, Sportfish
M/Y  “MY OTHER HONEY” 70′ Hatteras
M/Y  “EAGLEä 60′ Hatteras
M/Y  “WANDERING STAR” 76′ Lazzara
M/Y  “VISION 2000” 76′ Lazzara
M/Y  “TAKE TIME” 76′ Lazzara
M/Y  “NIRVANA” 76′ Lazzara
M/Y  “TAKE A CHANCE” 76′ Lazzara
M/Y  “SEA TIGER” 76′ Lazzara
M/Y  “KAT’S MEOW” 76′ Lazzara
M/Y  “DREAM WEAVERä 80′ Lazzara
M/Y  “O LAY” 80′ Lazzara
M/Y  “CB SPIRIT” 76′ Lazzara
M/Y  “AMORAZUR” 76′ Lazzara
M/Y  “JOANNE” 76′ Lazzara
M/Y  “CONQUEST” 76′ Lazzara
M/Y  “SUMMER WIND” 80′ Lazzara
M/Y  “NEVER RAIN” 76′ Lazzara
S/F  “WINDRIDGE K” 92′ Cheoy Lee
M/Y  “MISS JOYCE” 42′ Grand Banks
S/F  “GALLANT LADY” 72′ Rybovich
M/Y  “ANHINGA” 37′ Bertram
M/Y  “EAGLE” 54′ Bertram
M/Y  “Hull # 60-551” 60′ Bertram
M/Y  “Hull # 60-552” 60′ Bertram
M/Y  “VIPER” 90′ Swiftship
M/Y  “LADY A” 111′ Intermarine
M/Y  “DARE” 62′ Queenship
S/Y  “SARIYAH” 72′ Sensation
S/Y  “TEEL” 115′ Trident
S/Y  “MIRABELLA” 125′ Bruse Farr Design
M/Y  “LADY GRACE MARIE” 105′ Burger
M/Y  “MODERATION” 105′ Burger
M/Y  “ARGYLE” 72′ Burger
M/Y  “PALO DURA” 105′ Burger
M/Y  “CHANTICLEA” 110′ Burger
M/Y  “SEA-QUEL” 90′ Burger
M/Y  “CHATEAU TIERY” 90′ Burger
M/Y  “OBSESSIONS” 135′ Heesen/Diaship
S/F  “WAVE HUNTER” 135′ Heesen/Diaship, Sportfish
M/Y  “TRILOGY” 98′ Stevens
M/Y  “LADY VAL” 98′ North Coast


     The above listed vessels have one or more Chem-Free ozone generating devices and/or systems onboard. Applications include black and/or gray water holding tank and vent odor control, Indoor Air Quality and odor control, and fresh water holding tank insitu purification.
Yacht Builders that install Chem-Free systems
at the yard during or after construction:


ADMIRAL MARINE WORKS Port Angeles, Washington
BURGER BOATS Manitowac, Wisconsin
CHRISTENSEN YACHTS Vancouver, Washington
De Vries FEADSHIP Holland
Van Lent FEADSHIP Holland
PALMER JOHNSON Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
QUEENSHIP Vancouver, B.C., Canada


“Villa Delicias” Lyford Cay, Nassau, Bahamas
“Isla del Sol” Lyford Cay, Nassau, Bahamas
“Oakes” Lyford Cay, Nassau, Bahamas

ãGreat Mountain Waterä  A water bottler in Tortula, British Virgin Islands, recently had a cistern and bottling line ozonation system installed by Caribbean Technology, Ltd., of Road Town, Tortula, BVI. Caribbean Technology is the regional dealer for our entire line of Chem-Free ozone systems and devices.
     Sales, service and parts are also available from authorized dealers and distributors in Holland, England, and Singapore.