Black Water Holding Tanks Odor

The first application of a Chem-Free ozone system was to control vent odors from a black water holding tank. The tank vent was located near the flybridge, and the area could not be enjoyed as it should. The Chem-Free system made the flybridge inhabitable. Ozone controls black water holding tank odor at the source by eliminating the organic odor molecules that transport the odor to ones nose. In this case. ozone is injected directly into the black water holding tank’s headspace. No odor in the headspace, equals no odor coming up the vent line, or up the toilet waste line. Certain types of heads allow black water odor to escape when the flapper valve opens for a flush operation. Many Chem-Free systems are installed for this specific marine head system.
Gray Water Holding Tank Odor

As virtually any boater who has lived with a gray water odor problem will tell you, gray water odor con be as bad as any odor from a black water holding tank. In this instance, the holding tank is treated just the same way as a black water holding tank. Ozone is injected directly into the offending tank’s headspace. Many builders do not install water traps in waste lines to a gray water tank,, with predictable results. Numerous Chem-Free installations are designed to treat black water and gray water holding tanks from the same ozone system, a Chem-Free pioneered approach to making all boats more enjoyable.
Bilge Odor Control

Another important step in taking the “BO” out of BOating. Bilge water can accumulate from a number of sources. AC air handler condensate, spilling gray water lift pumps, weeping through-hull fittings, and leaking plumbing. All of the above can result in a bilge that reeks and makes the boat smell awful. Of course all leaks should be investigated and stopped. However, some boats are designed with “Wet” bilges, and again, Chem-Free has come to the rescue.
Fresh Water Purification

Purification of water for human consumption is the oldest practical application of ozone. The city of Nice,, France pioneered the application almost a hundred years ago! Delta Marine International, Inc. designed the Chem-Free “WQA” (Water Quality Assurance) system to keep the potable water fresh, pure, sweet and sparkling. The latest evolution of the exclusive WQA system is a fully automated system installed aboard Research Vessel “KNORR” for the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Another almost identical system will be installed aboard R/V “OCEANUS” for WHOI early next year. However, in this case, the system will treat two fresh water holding tanks, and two black water holding tanks for odor control. another example of Chem-Free design and innovation.
IAQ (Indoor Air quality)

Probably the most popular application of ozone generators. An amazing number of manufacturers build small indoor odor control devices. However, virtually all of the devices use high voltage, corona discharge type ozone generators. That is the major departure that Chem-Free makes with ozone systems or devices that are intended or designed to be used in occupied areas for IAQ or odor control. All such Chem-Free devices or systems use UV type ozone generators. UV produced ozone has a much more pleasant odor and do not produce oxides of nitrogen normally produced by high voltage systems. Oxides of nitrogen impart an objectionable odor to the ozone.