Chem-Free Equipment Profiles

U-10 Small UV type device, with a 9″ Mercury vapor ultraviolet lamp. The “Germicidal” UV lamp is housed, as are all Chem-Free UV lamps, in a stainless steel reaction chamber. The chamber has a jewel which glows with a blue light when the lamp is on, as an easy indicator of lamp function. The chamber is mounted in an aluminum enclosure which contains and protects the UV bulb, as well as housing the ballast and small aeration type air pump.The U-10 has an ozone output of 0.10 grams per hour. Process air is delivered to the reaction chamber by a small on-board aeration-type pump. The flow is typically 5 to 7 SCFH max. A typical application for this device is indoor air quality control. However, as it delivers ozone through a 1/4″ vinyl tube rather than a fan, the preferred installation is with an A/C air handler, or A/C make-up air system. The U-10 is supplied with a NEMA cord which should be connected to a grounded circuit.

It is recommended that the units operating time be controlled by an electromechanical timer which has a minimum operating time cycle of 15 minutes either on or off. A timer (Model TC-1) is available from Delta marine International, Inc., which is mounted in a separate PVC case for easy location remote from the U-10. It is equipped with a quartz controlled time clock, power switch, a timer by-pass switch, a pilot lamp to indicate operating status, and the system fuse.

U-11 The U-11 has the same UV ozone generating system as the U-10. However, this unit is mounted inside a gray GRP (fiberglass) NEMA case with stainless steel hinges and latches which have a loop for a small padlock. This system also comes equipped with the timer, power switch, and fuse as described for the U-10 above. The U-11 is also available in a portable model (U-11P) which has a stainless steel handle on the top and rubber feet in the mounting holes of the GRP enclosure. Also available with a small fan for distribution of ozone into free air, (U-11/PF).
U-12 A larger version of the U-10, with a 19 inch UV tube and stainless steel reaction chamber. This system has an output of 0.25 grams per hour and is suitable for SPA and hot tub use. This unit is not equipped with an onboard air pump as it is designed for use in a vacuum application of a SPA or hot tub. Alternatively, the system may be equipped with a basic CB-1 control box as described in the price list. The CB-1 has the timer and control circuits, as well as an appropriately sized air pump.
U-16 The U-16 has the same UV bulb/stainless steel reaction chamber as used in the U-12 above, and has the same 0.25 g/hr output. The unit is mounted in a white, power-painted metal enclosure, with a removable top. As with the U-11, this unit has a timer and air pump included. Also available with a handle and rubber feet for portable use. Suitable for indoor air quality and odor control, this unit has been standard equipment on board a very popular 76 and 80 foot luxury yacht for black water holding tank odor control. This system has also been installed aboard several larger yachts to supply IAQ control through the make-up air systems. Also suitable for larger, 300 gal+ hot tubs and spas.
U-18 An even larger version of the same U-10/U-12 type system. This unit has a 31′ bulb in the same type stainless steel reaction chamber, with a 0.5 g/hr output. As with the U-12 above, there is not an onboard air pump or timer, as it is also intended for vacuum application with SPA and hot tub use. The CB-1 control box described with the U-12 is also suitable for this unit and it is suitable for holding tank odor control and IAQ application through air handlers or make-up air systems.
U-28 Essentially a double version of the U-18, this unit is in a gray, powder-painted metal case. No timer or air pump, for use in a SPA or hot tub. Can also be equipped with a CB-1 or CB-2 control box when a separate timer and air pump is necessary. Output is 1.0 g/hr. This unit is in use in numerous odor control and water purification installations onboard yachts from 100 to 264 feet in length. Also used in IAQ control applications onboard several larger luxury yachts.
C-10 Latest technology is used in this system to produce the smallest and highest efficiency CD system on the market. High frequency, shaped wave technology results in an adjustable output CD unit that produces 1.9 g/hr max. in a very compact reaction chamber. Also available with on-board, thermal cycle, process air dryer in model C-10AD, and C-10ADC with process air compressor included.
C-15 This device is and has been the standard for numerous and still active Chem-Free holding tank odor control systems. It has gone through three generations, the initial two of which have been discontinued and are no longer available. Also available with a built in thermal process air dryer as the C-10ADCC aboove, and a C-15 HO (High Output) model, 4.6 g/h as opposed to 2.3 g/h.The C-15 is the industry standard for efficiency and design excellence for its physical size, the amount of ozone it produces, and the manner in which it operates. Using aerospace technology to accomplish the extremely high efficiency generation of ozone with an absolute minimal level of waste heat by-product. The ferrocuprous ceramic/quartz tube design cathode surrounded by a stainless steel anode, which is very tightly held in a deeply finned aluminum, fan-cooled heat sink never gets too hot to touch.

As the device is a CD system, it naturally must be supplied with very high quality dry air, or oxygen. With atmospheric air as the process gas, the C-15 as an output of 2.8 g/hr, which doubles to 5.6 g/hr when fed with oxygen. The unit must be serviced with the AD-10L model air dryer, or the AS-12 oxygen concentrator described in the Accessories section.

The C-15 is mounted in a white GRP cabinet, and available in any one or a combination of control and/or distribution systems. Presently in use aboard R/V “KNORR” in a Water Quality Assurance (WQA) application, and other numerous black and gray water holding tank odor control applications aboard some of the largest luxury yachts in the world.

C-20 The C-20 model is a double-barrel version of the C-15, mounted on a common frame for applications where the larger output is required, such as a large swimming pool, or waste water treatment application. Must have high quality dry air or oxygen supply. 7.6 g/h (dry air), 14.0 g/h (Oxygen)


Indoor Air Quality Control, (IAQ).   This is perhaps the single most effective application for UV generated ozone. The ozone from any Chem-Free UV type system may be delivered to the intake or return side of any A/C system air handler, where it will be thoroughly mixed into the airstream by the fan or blower. By injecting the ozone into the return side, all mold and mildew will be eliminated from the cooling fins and the entire chiller area which is normally a very good growth area for mold and mildew. There are other benefits associated with ozone flowing through the cooling coil, such as the elimination of cigarette tar and nicotine which accumulate on the surface. Ozone generators are used by the hotel and motel industry to eliminate stale tobacco odors from suites, lounges, and meeting rooms.

Although virtually all other manufacturers of portable ozone generators intended for for IAQ use a high voltage, corona discharge, or “CD” unit to generate the ozone, Chem-Free Purification Systems, Inc. has chosen to use only UV generated ozone for occupied areas. There are two primary reasons why we selected UV over CD for IAQ.

  • Oxides of Nitrogen; CD type ozone generators, regardless of size or output, will produce Oxides of Nitrogen as a natural and unavoidable by-product of their method of operation. The high voltage electron that is the power behind the CD process also causes some oxygen atoms to combine with Nitrogen, which comprises approximately 78% of our atmosphere. When the oxides of Nitrogen come in contact with water, the result is the formation of a very weak concentration of Nitric acid, the concentration of which will increase as more NOX compounds are produced. The result is a slightly disagreeable odor which is associated with CD ozone systems detectable as a “Metallic” or “Electrical” sensation that will generate complaints. Ultraviolet, “UV,” ozone generators do not generate oxides of Nitrogen.
  • Maintenance; UV ozone generators do not require regular scheduled maintenance during their normal operating life of 18 to 24 months. During the same period, a CD system may have had to be cleaned perhaps a dozen times to maintain its efficiency. In order to thoroughly clean a CD cell, it must be disassembled, scrubbed and completely dried before reassembly. Furthermore, if a CD system is not serviced regularly, it will short circuit, or arc across the plates, and stop operating altogether. In normal operation, UV systems require no cleaning, do not short out in the chamber, and have only a steady predictable decline of output over time. Replacement of the bulb is all that is necessary to restore full and predictable ozone output.

Holding Tank Odor Control; If a black or gray water holding tank is below a certain capacity, (Please refer to the selection flowchart), our UV ozone generators will be sufficient to eliminate odors in the tank headspace and waste/vent line(s). There are numerous yachts that have model number U-16 systems dealing with small black water holding tank odors.

Bilge odor control; As bilge odor has a way of permeating the interior of a yacht and entering cabins, UV is again the ideal choice for this application. Small amounts of ozone will eliminate residual odors from many and varied sources such as soured water, diesel fuel, mold/mildew, and as a result, keep the entire craft free of bilge odors.

Portable Odor Control; The U-11PF is ideal for portable use. Furthermore, the on board fan can be used to treat an area that does not have other means of moving the ambient air and dispersing the ozone. The U-16 is also available with a handle and feet. It does not have a fan and must therefore rely on an air handler or an external fan/blower to disperse the ozone. However, as ozone is heavier than air, it is possible to attach a 1/4″ hose to the ozone output and route the hose into a bilge area. The ozone will settle into the bilge and eventually saturate the bilge with very good and even astonishing results.