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       The odor control ability of ozone has been known and well documented for many years. Hotel operators use ozone to remove tobacco and body odors from rooms, as well as the odor of stale beer and wine from bars and restaurants. Nursing homes use ozone to combat urine and other body fluid odors. Fire damage restoration companies use ozone to eliminate odors and remove smoke odors from clothes, draperies and furniture. These are just a few of the many applications of the amazing power of incredibly small amounts or concentrations of "Mother Nature's Deodorizer." The marine environment presents some unique challenges to the elimination and/or control of odors, commonly referred to as "Boat Odor."

       Black water holding tanks have an on-shore municipal equivalent in the form of sewage lift stations, which can make an entire neighborhood untenable with sewer odor. Lift stations are a common application for ozone, and Delta Marine International, Inc. has led the marine industry in the application of ozone to control black water holding tank odors. It is also well known in the marine industry that gray water holding tanks can create odors as bad, and in some cases worse that black water tanks. In either case, the injection of ozone into the offending's tanks headspace can very effectively control the problem. Chem-Free odor control systems are currently in use for such tanks from as little as 35, to over 10,000 gallons! The trick is knowing the correct generation and application method, as well as the amount of ozone needed to do a given job.

       Bilge water is another common marine odor source. Water, salt or fresh, from any number of sources can sour and be a home of an incredible amount and diversity of odor causing bacteria. When other fluids such as diesel fuel, cleaning chemicals, oil, bugs, food scraps, leaking drains/tanks, and what have you turn bad, the cleanest boat can turn into a fetid-smelling cave. Again, a very small amount of ozone will do the job in a flash. Furthermore, rather that simply introduced into a bilge space, ozone can be injected directly into bilge water which will keep bacteria from growing in the water and thereby creating an odor problem.

       Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a major problem on shore in office and governmental structures, as well as homes, schools, and businesses. On-shore it is commonly referred to as "Sick Building Syndrome," and some structures are actually uninhabitable due to a number of factors. The common denominator in the majority of cases is inadequate or even a total lack of ventilation. The result is mold and mildew in A/C ductwork, crawl spaces, and within walls and above ceilings. Once again, ozone is by far the most effective method of eliminating the problems that create sick buildings due to its ability to destroy mold and mildew spores. Furthermore, in addition to being far less expensive than conventional control methodologies in the first place, a properly designed, sized, and installed ozone system is a one-time fix.

       Most yachts do not have a make-up air system, which encourages indoor air quality problems. When there is no exchange of air from the outside, many normal on-board activities create IAQ problems. When a make-up air system is not present, a central ozone generator with a distribution system to each, or certain key, A/C air handlers is equally effective in eliminating any yacht's IAQ problem. Distribution to more than one air handler should be controlled with a properly sized and selected flow control/gauge unit, which allows individual flows to be monitored and controlled.

       In all of the above instances, the most important point to be considered is the method with which the ozone to be applied is generated. There are two types of ozone generators commercially available, "Corona Discharge" (CD), and Ultraviolet (UV). In the former, a very high voltage is created in one of several ways, and applied to a "Silent Corona Discharge" chamber. The latter uses a Mercury vapor lamp to generate very short wavelength, or "Germicidal" UV radiation in the 184 nanometer band.

       For a number of reasons, Delta Marine International, Inc., and its authorized dealer/distributors never use CD generated ozone for IAQ and/or odor control in occupied spaces or areas. We use Corona Discharge generated ozone only in holding tank applications for either odor control of black and/or gray water, as well as our exclusive "Water Quality Assurance" (WQA) fresh water holding tank treatment systems. The WQA system is reviewed in another article dealing exclusively with the subject.



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