Designers and Manufacturers of Chem-Free™ Ozone Systems for Marine, Domestic and Industrial Applications

Chem-Free Water Treatment Systems has been designing and building leading edge water treatment systems since its founding in 1993. We have ozone based water treatment systems for homes treating both cistern rainwater and well water. In addition to potable water treatment system on board many luxury yachts, both power and sail, there are fully automated and leading-edge technology Chem-Free water treatment systems ensuring the continued purity of potable water stored in large holding tanks on board America’s UNOLS research vessel fleet. R/V Knorr, R/V Oceanus and R/V Atlantis of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Woods Hole, MA; R/V Roger Revelle and R/V Melville of Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego, CA, and R/V Endeavor operated by the University of Rhode Island Graduate School Of Oceanography all have Chem-Free WQA systems on board. Our new Sea Chest Guardian system is keeping the sea chest free of bio-fouling by marine life on board R/V Alpha Helix operated by the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Seward Marine Center in Seward, Alaska. All of the aforementioned systems use ozone as the primary disinfectant or oxidizer.Water treatment in its many forms; potable water treatment, fresh water treatment, cistern water treatment, point of entry water treatment or POE, point of use water treatment or POU, waste water treatment, rain water treatment, municipal water treatment, to name but a few, are all adaptable for the use of ozone at some point in the process be it primary, secondary, or tertiary.

Ozone can be adapted for any number of water treatment applications in the maritime trades such as preventing marine life bio fouling of sea chests, treatment of ballast water to prevent the spread of non-indigenous or invasive species, treatment of potable water in the vessel’s holding tanks, and even ozonation to control odors emanating from black water and gray water holding tanks on board yachts and ships.

A recent study by the Helmut Kaiser Consultancy in Germany reported that;

“The costs and prices of water in the future will largely depend on the disinfection necessity and the applied technologies.

    “- – water quality is declining. Different water sectors face problems to keep the early water quality through conventional treatment/disinfection approaches. Meanwhile the water quality regulations are becoming more stringent, complex and costly. Last but not least, the concerns about the biotech pollution or terrorism challenge the capability of water disinfection as well. This includes physical and chemical processes such as the usage of – – ozonization, filtration and membrane processes with pathogen removal, and also thermal processes such as distillation, evaporation/condensation, and steam stripping, to name a few. – -” In business since 1993 with thousands of
Chem-Free™ systems and devices in use
    According to a statement by the World Health Organization, WHO, “waterborne diseases are collectively more lethal than AIDS,” and the group urged a “greater international effort to improve the water, hygiene and sanitation conditions of the world’s poor.” The report further stated; “Already, an estimated 1.1 billion people have no access to safe drinking water, 2.5 billion lack proper sanitation and more than 5 million people die from waterborne diseases each year — 10 times the number of casualties killed in wars around the globe.” In an effort to help combat the ever-growing problem, Chem-Free Water Treatment Systems has developed village-level fresh water treatment systems that can provide even small villages with safe, pure water from a central treatment point from which the villagers may draw their daily water rather than from a polluted stream, river or lake.

Anything can occur at any stage of amount of time in lifestyle.

What things to consider while investing in a mediclaim plan? Below mentioned certainly are a few points you need to bear in mind before investing in a mediclaim policy. While selecting the sum covered, it’s important for you yourself to consider elements like inflation price, increasing health care costs, etc. Furthermore, just a little understanding of their claim negotiation ratio may also end up being very useful to make the proper decision. Continue reading

The scholarly study.

1st writer of the scholarly research, Dr Giuseppe Maltese, through the Cardiovascular Division at King’s University London stated: ‘For the very first time, Klotho continues to be associated with kidney disease in type 1 diabetes individuals which finding represents a thrilling step towards growing brand-new markers for disease and potentially brand-new treatments.’ Older author, Dr Janaka Karalliedde, stated: ‘With additional research using bigger cohorts of individuals with type 1 and 2 diabetes hopefully to expand the scope of the work to recognize at an early on stage individuals at risky of progression of kidney disease and coronary disease.’ Dr Richard Siow, a co-author from the scholarly research, recently published study which showed the protective ramifications of Klotho in cardiovascular cells and said: ‘This research highlights the key clinical and fundamental science research that’s getting undertaken on Klotho at King’s. Continue reading

Canadian research workers say.

Data such as this is effective in highlighting the potential risks connected between major depression and college dropout. Dupere emphasized that simply no cause-and-effect conclusions could be drawn from her analysis. Experts examined data from 238 previously published outcomes with a complete around 160,000 people age group 65 or older. All the studies were tests that randomly designated participants to get exercise or various other interventions for fall avoidance, usual care such as for example education, or no help in any way. In comparison to usual care and attention, people who had been assigned to work out programs had been 49 % less inclined to possess a fall leading to injury, researchers record in JAMA. Continue reading

Why does divorce run in families?

The study’s findings are notable because they diverge from your predominant narrative in divorce literature, which implies how the offspring of divorced parents will get divorced themselves because they see their parents struggling to control conflict or lacking the required commitment, plus they grow up to internalize that behavior and replicate it within their own relationships. ‘I see this like a quite significant acquiring. Nearly all the last books emphasized that divorce was sent across decades psychologically,’ Kendler stated. ‘Our outcomes contradict that, recommending that genetic elements are more essential.’ By recognizing the function that genetics takes on in the intergenerational transmitting of divorce, therapists might be able to better identify appropriate goals when supporting distressed lovers, Salvatore said. Continue reading

Penn-led Trial Shows AZEDRA Can Be Effective.

Additionally, 92 % of evaluable sufferers who received at least one dosage achieved a incomplete response or steady disease. The drug was well-tolerated generally, with common unwanted effects being in keeping with just what a patient would experience with radiation such as for example reduced blood counts, fatigue, nausea, and dizziness. The trial was supported by Progenics Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Pryma will show the findings while an dental abstract in the Gastrointestinal Malignancy session on Mon, 4th at McCormick Put in place the Arie Crown Movie theater at 4:24 Central june. Continue reading

This causes particular confusions.

Turkey The tryptophan in turkey promotes better sleep which is regarded as an ideal bedtime treat for slimming down. The slim protein content in turkey shall assist in building muscle tissue overnight and can assist in weight reduction too. You could have turkey sandwich to burn off that unwanted stomach fat. 6. Chocolate Milk Chocolate dairy can be an ideal excess weight loss beverage as the calcium in dairy might help melt stomach fat. Analysis says that eating 1000 mg even more of calcium mineral will help you lose 18 pounds of flab. As well as the calcium mineral gets ingested better, because of the milk’s supplement D content. 7. Almonds Almonds contain 5 grams of proteins; a portion that will assist in restoring muscles immediately as well as the fibre could keep you pleased aswell. Continue reading

Team finds link between backup immune defense.

Team finds link between backup immune defense, mutation seen in Crohn’s disease Genes that regulate a cellular recycling program called autophagy are generally mutated in Crohn’s disease individuals, though the hyperlink between biological housekeeping and inflammatory colon disease remained a secret. Now, analysts at UT Southwestern INFIRMARY have got uncovered an interesting clue. A study group led by Dr pilule . Lora Hooper, Seat of Immunology at UT Southwestern and an Investigator from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, offers determined a back-up pathogen-fighting program uses autophagy’s mobile machinery to provide protein weaponry to leading lines – the cell surface area – in the fight bacterial attack. Continue reading

The score includes two simple blood tests: one measuring presence of antigens.

The score includes two simple blood tests: one measuring presence of antigens, proteins made by the virus, and another for enzymes made by the liver in response, to assess sufferers for treatment accurately. The score was found to become as accurate as existing options for identifying the patients looking for immediate treatment but in a fraction of the price, $20 in comparison to $100-500 for current tests. Additionally it is a lot more accessible than existing methods-such while liver organ biopsy or HBV DNA, a more complicated blood test analysis-which requires assets and laboratories that aren’t always available in sub-Saharan Africa. Research workers from Imperial University London and Medical Analysis Council Device The Gambia in the London College of Cleanliness & Tropical Medication, collaborating using the Pasteur Institute in Paris as well as other Western european and African establishments, used data from a huge selection of hepatitis B sufferers within the Gambia who have been area of the PROLIFICA research. Continue reading

Beer thats good for breast cancer sufferers!

Mamma Help, a Czech-based advertising campaign group for ladies with breast tumor, invented the beverage to help females going right through treatment.Chemotherapy may trigger weakness, hair and nausea loss, but it all may also business lead to an ailment called dysgeusia.People with dysgeusia have a distorted feeling of flavor and it could produce food flavor bland, off or metallic.The nonalcoholic Mamma Beer was created to be sweeter when compared to a normal beer and it is filled with nutrients, allowing breast cancer patients to view it as a delicacy.’Meals would flavor boring and sandy with dysgeusia’Mamma Help CEO Jana Drexlerova, who also experienced dysgeusia when she acquired her own malignancy treatment in 2011, stated foods would flavor boring and sandy, thus she and fellow survivor Tereza Sverakova began focus on a beer-based item.Ms Drexlerova said: ‘We are pleased the oncologists who’ve been cooperating around for a long period have got supported us and recommended the beverage to our individuals.’The beverage was also introduced at many beverage festivals – they have become popular right here.’We had been surprised by the fantastic curiosity about the beverage’ ‘We wished to know the general public opinion and had been surprised by the fantastic interest as well as the flavor of the ale was praised even by ale experts.’Chemotherapy sufferers would flavor ale as being incredibly bitter, Ms Drexlerova said, thus they attempt to produce a drink that was aimed particularly at women, contained several nutrition and vitamins, had no alcoholic beverages, and was sweeter when compared to a regular beverage, overcoming the bitterness concern.A number of the income will assist females with breast cancers Mamma Beverage is made by the Zatec Brewery, based around 40 mls outdoors Prague. Continue reading

Whether its practice management.

Value-based care will add fire to physician burnout Editor’s Be aware: Welcome to Medical Economics’ blog page section which features efforts from members from the medical community. These sites are a chance for bloggers to activate with readers in regards to a topic that’s top of brain, whether it’s practice management, encounters with individuals, the industry, medication generally, or health care reform. The goals of value-based reimbursement choices could be broadly stated as having two goals: deliver care for some arranged standard, and decrease/decrease healthcare cost growth. Theoretically, as these choices evolve, physicians who usually do not meet the requirements could possibly be penalized either through lower reimbursements or removal from particular networks. Continue reading