Designers and Manufacturers of Chem-Free™ Ozone Systems for Marine, Domestic and Industrial Applications

Chem-Free Water Treatment Systems has been designing and building leading edge water treatment systems since its founding in 1993. We have ozone based water treatment systems for homes treating both cistern rainwater and well water. In addition to potable water treatment system on board many luxury yachts, both power and sail, there are fully automated and leading-edge technology Chem-Free water treatment systems ensuring the continued purity of potable water stored in large holding tanks on board America’s UNOLS research vessel fleet. R/V Knorr, R/V Oceanus and R/V Atlantis of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Woods Hole, MA; R/V Roger Revelle and R/V Melville of Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego, CA, and R/V Endeavor operated by the University of Rhode Island Graduate School Of Oceanography all have Chem-Free WQA systems on board. Our new Sea Chest Guardian system is keeping the sea chest free of bio-fouling by marine life on board R/V Alpha Helix operated by the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Seward Marine Center in Seward, Alaska. All of the aforementioned systems use ozone as the primary disinfectant or oxidizer.Water treatment in its many forms; potable water treatment, fresh water treatment, cistern water treatment, point of entry water treatment or POE, point of use water treatment or POU, waste water treatment, rain water treatment, municipal water treatment, to name but a few, are all adaptable for the use of ozone at some point in the process be it primary, secondary, or tertiary.

Ozone can be adapted for any number of water treatment applications in the maritime trades such as preventing marine life bio fouling of sea chests, treatment of ballast water to prevent the spread of non-indigenous or invasive species, treatment of potable water in the vessel’s holding tanks, and even ozonation to control odors emanating from black water and gray water holding tanks on board yachts and ships.

A recent study by the Helmut Kaiser Consultancy in Germany reported that;

“The costs and prices of water in the future will largely depend on the disinfection necessity and the applied technologies.

    “- – water quality is declining. Different water sectors face problems to keep the early water quality through conventional treatment/disinfection approaches. Meanwhile the water quality regulations are becoming more stringent, complex and costly. Last but not least, the concerns about the biotech pollution or terrorism challenge the capability of water disinfection as well. This includes physical and chemical processes such as the usage of – – ozonization, filtration and membrane processes with pathogen removal, and also thermal processes such as distillation, evaporation/condensation, and steam stripping, to name a few. – -” In business since 1993 with thousands of
Chem-Free™ systems and devices in use
    According to a statement by the World Health Organization, WHO, “waterborne diseases are collectively more lethal than AIDS,” and the group urged a “greater international effort to improve the water, hygiene and sanitation conditions of the world’s poor.” The report further stated; “Already, an estimated 1.1 billion people have no access to safe drinking water, 2.5 billion lack proper sanitation and more than 5 million people die from waterborne diseases each year — 10 times the number of casualties killed in wars around the globe.” In an effort to help combat the ever-growing problem, Chem-Free Water Treatment Systems has developed village-level fresh water treatment systems that can provide even small villages with safe, pure water from a central treatment point from which the villagers may draw their daily water rather than from a polluted stream, river or lake.

Telemedicine enables precautionary.

How NASA Uses Telemedicine to Care for Astronauts in Space Telemedicine is an essential component of health care within the International Space Place. Telemedicine enables precautionary, diagnostic, and healing treatment during many a few months in space, and preferably, allows for smooth continuity of treatment from before and following the missions. These elements are essential for recognizing the potential of telemedicine to boost care in additional remote, extreme, or resource-constrained environments otherwise. Continue reading

Most associated independently with only a little threat of Alzheimers disease.

22, 2017, in Annals of Neurology. The researchers viewed five many years of data on 1,081 topics through the Country wide Alzheimer’s Coordinating Center who didn’t have dementia, and found the PHS test could predict how longer it could take to allow them to progress to Alzheimer’s dementia, aswell as how steep their cognitive drop will be, even after considering if they were carriers of APOE E4. Autopsies of these who all did develop Alzheimer’s showed that, even among those that didn’t carry a duplicate from the APOE E4 version, an increased PHS was connected with a higher degree of amyloid plaque – a proteins aggregate that is clearly a hallmark of Alzheimer’s-in the mind. Continue reading

Autism is really a multi-faceted disorder characterised by distinct clusters of features.

People who have ASD show a reduced tendency to get this done. Another cluster relates to info processing, where people who have ASD process details within a much less integrated manner, known as ‘fragile central coherence’. Our research shows that weak central coherence actually causes the shared interest difficulties. We discovered that the information control necessary for self-categorisation-the procedure for arriving at see oneself as interchangeable with additional members of groupings to which we belong-is weaker the greater autistic-like traits an individual possesses, which predicts the reduced tendency to talk about attention. Continue reading

Male infertility could be linked to noisy bedrooms.

Male infertility could be linked to noisy bedrooms, study suggests Could sleeping next to a noisy road put our potential at risk? Long-term contact with a loud environment, at night particularly, is associated with infertility in men, relating to a scholarly research in Environmental Air pollution. The researchers discovered that publicity above the WHO evening sound level is associated with a significant upsurge in infertility /dosage/ . The scientists behind the scholarly study, from Seoul National University in the Republic of Korea, say it’s important to consider noise when assessing environmental conditions that donate to infertility. Continue reading

Unlike some human organs.

The cells for the center patch were produced from individual pluripotent stem cells – the cells that may become any kind of cell in the torso. Testing showed that this center muscles in the patch was functional fully, with electrical, structural and mechanical properties that resemble those of a standard, healthy adult center. The experts showed these cardiac areas survive, become vascularised and keep maintaining their function when implanted into rat and mouse hearts. For any heart patch to ever replace the task of deceased cardiac muscle mass in individual sufferers actually, however, it could have to be much thicker compared to the tissues grown with this scholarly research. Continue reading

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How do i perform it? he recalled. Therefore he hopped on his bicycle and rode through a nearby until his hip and legs got tired. That was my trip to start traveling, he stated. The bike for me personally was independence. The greater he exercised, the less insulin he needed, and the simpler it was to control the disease. The bike provided me the self-discipline and inspiration I had a need to control my diabetes, he added. Southerland started competing and won an entire large amount of bicycling races. In college, he got the theory to start out a nonprofit known as Group Type 1 Basis, located in Atlanta, to empower additional athletes with the condition. Continue reading

Raising their threat of serious unwanted effects like inner heart and blood loss attacks.

However the research of 15,400 people, led by Harvard College of Public Wellness, discovered feeding on way too many carbs is damaging to wellness also.Instead, it suggests consuming moderate degrees of sugars – enough to create up 50 to 55 percent of the dietary plan – may be the healthiest.People whose diet plan was composed of significantly less than 40 percent and or even more than 70 percent sugars had an increased mortality risk. Continue reading

6 billion in annual net revenues.

Building strong financial projections One important to piecing together solid monetary projections for healthcare tasks is taking period first to consider the look.6 billion in annual net revenues. The quantity of detail depends upon the task, Belt stated, with smaller tasks requiring much less cabergoline-and-sex-drive.html . [See also: The logistics of conformity: Two-midnight guideline demands process transformation.] Ensuring the model are designed for the awareness analyses that decision manufacturers would want to find is another element in determining the amount of fine detail. Continue reading

Researchers say.

However, at the same time, it’s the core of the fellow guy that may enable you to survive that severe devastation also to salvage expect the near future.Further reading: How exactly to encourage patients to create online reviewsAs your physician who has applied principal care medicine for more than 35 years, I’ve come to understand that regardless of the condition severity as well as the grim prognosis, human being concern, human being compassion and human being comfort may frequently be the very best obtainable remedies.Over days gone by week, I have already been amazed using the large number of humans practicing effective medication with out a license. Continue reading

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After that it stays set up being a gel, localizing the cells to the website throughout the restoration. As the bone tissue regrows, the PPCN-g is reabsorbed from the physical body. What we discovered is these cells produce natural-looking bone tissue in the current presence of the PPCN-g, Ameer stated. The brand new bone is quite similar on track bone for the reason that location. Actually, the three-part method was effective on several fronts: The regenerated bone tissue was better quality, the bone tissue growth was included to the region described with the scaffolding, the region healed a lot more quickly, and the brand new and older bone tissue were constant without scar tissue. Continue reading