Designers and Manufacturers of Chem-Free™ Ozone Systems for Marine, Domestic and Industrial Applications

Chem-Free Water Treatment Systems has been designing and building leading edge water treatment systems since its founding in 1993. We have ozone based water treatment systems for homes treating both cistern rainwater and well water. In addition to potable water treatment system on board many luxury yachts, both power and sail, there are fully automated and leading-edge technology Chem-Free water treatment systems ensuring the continued purity of potable water stored in large holding tanks on board America’s UNOLS research vessel fleet. R/V Knorr, R/V Oceanus and R/V Atlantis of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Woods Hole, MA; R/V Roger Revelle and R/V Melville of Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego, CA, and R/V Endeavor operated by the University of Rhode Island Graduate School Of Oceanography all have Chem-Free WQA systems on board. Our new Sea Chest Guardian system is keeping the sea chest free of bio-fouling by marine life on board R/V Alpha Helix operated by the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Seward Marine Center in Seward, Alaska. All of the aforementioned systems use ozone as the primary disinfectant or oxidizer.Water treatment in its many forms; potable water treatment, fresh water treatment, cistern water treatment, point of entry water treatment or POE, point of use water treatment or POU, waste water treatment, rain water treatment, municipal water treatment, to name but a few, are all adaptable for the use of ozone at some point in the process be it primary, secondary, or tertiary.

Ozone can be adapted for any number of water treatment applications in the maritime trades such as preventing marine life bio fouling of sea chests, treatment of ballast water to prevent the spread of non-indigenous or invasive species, treatment of potable water in the vessel’s holding tanks, and even ozonation to control odors emanating from black water and gray water holding tanks on board yachts and ships.

A recent study by the Helmut Kaiser Consultancy in Germany reported that;

“The costs and prices of water in the future will largely depend on the disinfection necessity and the applied technologies.

    “- – water quality is declining. Different water sectors face problems to keep the early water quality through conventional treatment/disinfection approaches. Meanwhile the water quality regulations are becoming more stringent, complex and costly. Last but not least, the concerns about the biotech pollution or terrorism challenge the capability of water disinfection as well. This includes physical and chemical processes such as the usage of – – ozonization, filtration and membrane processes with pathogen removal, and also thermal processes such as distillation, evaporation/condensation, and steam stripping, to name a few. – -” In business since 1993 with thousands of
Chem-Free™ systems and devices in use
    According to a statement by the World Health Organization, WHO, “waterborne diseases are collectively more lethal than AIDS,” and the group urged a “greater international effort to improve the water, hygiene and sanitation conditions of the world’s poor.” The report further stated; “Already, an estimated 1.1 billion people have no access to safe drinking water, 2.5 billion lack proper sanitation and more than 5 million people die from waterborne diseases each year — 10 times the number of casualties killed in wars around the globe.” In an effort to help combat the ever-growing problem, Chem-Free Water Treatment Systems has developed village-level fresh water treatment systems that can provide even small villages with safe, pure water from a central treatment point from which the villagers may draw their daily water rather than from a polluted stream, river or lake.

Predicting atypical development in infants at high risk for autism?

Furthermore, 1 – to 2-month-old risky infants showed even more related signatures while hearing native language even though sleeping while low risk babies showed distinctive signatures through the two conditions. Further, specific top features of mind movements while asleep at 1-2 weeks predicted potential flatter early learning developmental trajectories in the high-risk infants. The lifetime of generally atypical learning trajectories in the risky group was confirmed in split data units from four representative risky infant-sibling studies composed of a total of just one 1,445 babies with known ASD final results as kids. These analyses demonstrated that risky infants-even those without ASD diagnoses-have considerably lower working in childhood in accordance with low risk babies. Continue reading

Allopurinol and ventricular arrhythmias: Is there a link?

Yet another analysis viewed the comparative risk reduction connected with various measures of allopurinol make use of. Compared with sufferers not really on allopurinol, those acquiring it for a lot more than 2 years acquired a substantial 28 percent reduced price of arrhythmias; those onto it for six months to 24 months had a substantial 24 percent decrease in event arrhythmias; and the ones onto it for 1-180 times acquired no significant modification within their arrhythmia incidence. Additional specific factors that significantly correlated with an increase of ventricular arrhythmias included old age, male sex, BLACK race, presence of comorbidities, and treatment using a beta-blockers. Like allopurinol, treatment using a statin associated with a lower life expectancy arrhythmia occurrence. Continue reading

Touchscreen-Toddlers Sleep Less.

Other coauthors, all through the division of Laboratory and Pathology Medicine, are Ronald J. Gathagan, Dustin J. Covell, Coraima Medellin, Anna Stieber, John L. Robinson, Bin Zhang, Rose M. Pitkin, Modupe F. Olufemi, Kelvin C. Luk, and John Q. Trojanowski. This work was funded with the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke Udall Center , the Ofer Nimerovsky Family Fund, the Anne and Jeff Keefer Fund, as well as the MSA Coalition Global Seed Grant.. ‘Touchscreen-Toddlers’ Sleep Less, Researchers Say Toddlers who spend some time playing on smartphones and tablets appear to obtain slightly less rest than those that do not, state researchers. Continue reading

Health Benefits Of Eating Soaked.

Increases Vitamins Soaking the grains shall permit the vitamins to obtain gathered in water. That is important when you add this drinking water in to the cooking food. 4. Helps to keep You Healthy The health great things about soaking grains assists with good digestion overnight. It makes the body solid and can help you fight many diseases as the phytic acid is normally reduced. 5. ASSISTS WITH Digestion Soaking the complete grains before cooking food will avoid the activity of the enzyme inhibitors overnight. This supports improving colon activity. Continue reading

Treatment and get rid of analysis has centered on blocking the pathogen from T-cells.

Fresh HIV/AIDS Breakthrough Scientists have got confirmed Human being Immuno-deficiency Trojan may survive in another less-explored kind of light blood cell. Until now, treatment and get rid of analysis has centered on blocking the pathogen from T-cells, a kind of white bloodstream cell that’s key towards the immune system. However, new analysis by the University or college of NEW YORK , USA , reveals the computer virus may also persist solely in macrophages, large white bloodstream cells within the liver organ, lung, bone brain and marrow therapy . Jenna Honeycutt, lead-author and postdoctoral study associate in the UNC Department of Infectious Illnesses.2 million people who have HIV reach an undetectable viral insert. Continue reading

Getting Centrexion Therapeutics a stage nearer to developing a secure and efficient analgesic.

Osteoarthritis impacts about 14 mil Americans. It really is due to the progressive break down and eventual lack of cartilage, and seen as a pain, bloating and reduced flexibility from the affected joint. Data showed the medication induced statistically significant treatment as well while reduced knee rigidity and improved physical function in 24 weeks after an individual injection. Patients within the 1 milligram dosage experienced a reduced amount of 3.8 on the range measuring daily discomfort with walking, pitched against a decrease of 2.4 for all those over the placebo, the business stated on Wednesday. Continue reading

Twin study finds genetics affects where children look.

Using an eyes tracker, the experts then assessed the series of eyesight actions in both space and period as each young one viewed the picture. They also analyzed general tendencies of exploration ; for instance, if a kid looked at just a few top features of a picture or at many different styles. Released Nov. 9 in the journal Current Biology, the analysis discovered a solid similarity in gaze patterns within models of similar twins, who tended to check out the same top features of a picture in the same purchase. It discovered a weaker but pronounced similarity between fraternal twins still This suggests a solid genetic element of just how individuals visually explore their environments: Insofar as both identical and fraternal twins each share a common environment using their twin, the researchers can infer the better quality similarity in the attention movements of identical twins is probable because of the shared genetic makeup. Continue reading

Ruling the megamerger would violate antitrust laws and regulations and stifle competition.

Federal judge blocks merger between Anthem and Cigna A federal government district court judge has blocked health insurer Anthem from acquiring Cigna, ruling the megamerger would violate antitrust laws and regulations and stifle competition. Your choice comes weeks after another U.S. Region courtroom judge barred a merger between medical health insurance giants Aetna and Humana. AndreyPopov/ThinkStock The U.S. Division of Justice praised the most recent ruling, calling your choice a victory for individuals. Anthem intends to appeal your choice, said Joseph R. Continue reading

Others could be undertreated by too-low dosages in the combo tablet.

Others could be undertreated by too-low dosages in the combo tablet. Many polypills of different advantages could be required, he said.There has been study suggesting that sufferers treated by feminine physicians could be less inclined to die than those looked after by man physicians . Now, a report jointly brings those two suggestions, suggesting that woman heart attack sufferers will survive when tended to by woman crisis department doctors compared with man crisis department doctors. Continue reading

In the weight-bearing joints from the hip and knee particularly.

High-fat, high-carb diet a cause of osteoarthritis Saturated fat can be a prime believe in the onset of osteoarthritis following QUT scientists discovered it transformed the composition of cartilage, in the weight-bearing joints from the hip and knee particularly. Research, released today in Scientific Reviews, conducted by Teacher Yin Xiao, from QUT’s Institute of Health insurance and Biomedical Invention and his group, in cooperation with Teacher Lindsay Dark brown and his group at College or university of Southern Queensland, can be possibly the 1st study to research the association between osteoarthritis and common diet fatty acids. Continue reading